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If you know me from class you know I have a side kick partner and because of her we check in EVERY morning with each other saying we are going to class. Fun fact, we met at Volofit! We didn’t know each other before and now she is one of my dearest friends.
‘This place is just different, in all the best ways!’
Not to mention the amazing coaches that are so encouraging and enthusiastic, they make it easy to want to keep coming back!
What struggles have I had to get here? Dragging my happy hind end out of bed at 4am every morning is a struggle, but it’s so worth it! Other than that, this workout is truly something that I look forward to everyday!
I was looking for a workout routine that I would be motivated to actually stick to, and I’ve definitely found that at volofit! I never get bored because the workouts are always new and fun!
Mentally I now have confidence in myself, not only in my appearance but also in how to move my body.
I had been searching for a workout that was fun, dynamic and didn’t just focus on all cardio or all strength. Volofit is the perfect combo of both!
I swear I have tried every gym in the north hills area and none of them have kept me as excited and motivated to go to a class more than Volofit.
When I started, I used to look at an exercise and think - I just can't do that. I would look at other people jumping on boxes or doing pull ups and think FORGET IT. One class a trainer encouraged me to jump a box, he spotted me, and gave me the feeling of safety I needed and I DID IT. I was so proud. I think after that I realized there was way more my body could do if I put my mind to it. I still sometimes need to modify down, but it’s so cool to see yourself getting stronger over time.
Trust that you’ll walk out that door with a new friend and a few more audacious reasons to come back over and over again!
Volofit is a community of amazing people and we all want the best for every single person that walks in the gym!
I wanted to find a gym where I didn’t have to plan my workouts and I definitely get that at volofit!


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Volofit Ross Township
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A. FarrahA. Farrah
20:04 26 Nov 23
Because the workouts are always different so it doesn't become boring / routineI do wish they had a 10 AM class every day. Especially Friday. Would also like to see a noon Saturday class. My only complaint is they need to plug in a few more classes.
Heather SeitzHeather Seitz
21:46 10 Nov 23
Volo is life
Anne JumaAnne Juma
18:31 05 Nov 23
The workouts are challenging and effective. I never get bored and always look forward to going to the gym!
Megan BelskiMegan Belski
11:11 24 Oct 23
Amazing workout that is never the same. Classes go by fast and the coaches are super supportive. This is not like any other gym I have been to. Highly recommend
Julie MillerJulie Miller
01:22 21 Oct 23
Kelly FinneganKelly Finnegan
03:55 10 Oct 23
I joined Volofit a month ago and it’s been great! The other members are welcoming, the coaches are fantastic, and the workouts are tough but fun!
Sunnat DavletovSunnat Davletov
13:53 08 Oct 23
I absolutely love the HIIT classes at Volofit! The workouts are intense and challenging, but the results are worth it. The trainers are knowledgeable, motivating, and always push you to your limits. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, there's a class for you. I've seen significant improvements in my fitness level since I started attending these classes. The sense of community here is fantastic, too. Highly recommend for anyone looking to get fit and have fun while doing it!
Cole EskridgeCole Eskridge
22:34 04 Apr 23
I moved to Pittsburgh in midsummer 2022 and struggled to find a gym space that felt like a right fit. A month later I took my first Volofit class and haven't looked back since (over 100 classes in). Not only do the coaches and staff create a fun and inviting atmosphere, but the folks who take the classes are just as encouraging. The distribution of classes has also allowed me to take classes even on my most hectic days. 10/10 would recommend trying out a class ^_^
Maria FalconeMaria Falcone
18:36 03 Aug 22
I was never someone who liked group workout classes until I started at Volofit. Each class is different and challenging. All the coaches are so motivating and helpful. I love being able to watch my heart rate and progress on the monitor during class. If you’re looking for an awesome workout community to join Volofit is it!

Volofit Ross Township

McKnight-Siebert Shopping Center

Pittsburgh, PA 15237