The world’s first perfectly balanced, results-driven functional interval training (FIT).

Volofit is the only group FIT workout that torches calories while building lean muscle mass. How do we do it? By transforming our workout daily to balance endurance, strength, power, and agility while staying within all the optimal heart rate zones, not just one or two.

You’ll become stronger than ever, but you’ll also develop next-level endurance, peak agility, and explosive power, all while getting fit and keeping your whole body healthy. 

Volofit is the only workout that equally focuses on all four pillars of effective fitness.


The ability to perform activities for long periods of time while resisting fatigue.


The ability to accomplish strenuous tasks again and again with ease.


The ability to exert an extremely high level of force for short periods of time.


The ability to move with maximum speed and control for an extended period of time.


Always challenging, never the same.

We know that monotony is where fitness goes to die. That’s why we shift the speed, intensity, duration, and pull from a kick-ass arsenal of 750+ exercises to deliver a completely unique class every single day.

Expert coaching for every body.

No matter your experience level, our world-class coaching team will push you further than you ever imagined. We’ll inspire you, keep track of your fitness goals and consider your real-time heart rate to make sure every Volofit class is fun and rewarding.

Transformation you can track.

On the go? Track your progress, schedule fitness classes, and plug in to our community wherever you are with Volofit’s mobile app.