Transform Yourself.

Experience Volofit, a new Functional Interval Training concept that changes
daily to deliver optimal whole body performance.

You don’t hate exercising. You hate boring gyms.

Volofit is the only gym that transforms daily to keep your mind engaged and your whole body challenged. Each day, Volofit offers completely unique functional training group fitness classes designed to maximize your potential and keep you coming back.


Always Fresh

You’re not the same every day, so neither are we. We change up our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts daily so you stay excited to return again and discover what’s new.

Expertly Crafted

The Volofit Workout is backed by science and carefully designed by our world-class coaching team, so you always get the highest-quality training and achieve maximum results.

Perfectly Balanced

From rowers and bikes to squats and kettlebells, our HIIT workouts are specifically created to maximize the transformation of your whole body, not just a few muscles, in just 50 minutes, three times a week.


Experience the Volofit Workout.

The Volofit Workout is different. By continuously shifting modality, speed, intensity and duration, our functional HIIT exercises are specifically designed to maximize total body performance. Your heart rate stays within all the optimal zones and your muscles get a balanced workout so you become strong, agile, and fit.

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